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"MAGIC" Laser Tag System

MAGIC Mainboard


Introduced in Fall of 2017, the MAGIC board is our flagship Laser Tag mainboard.  It's smaller, faster and has the features most requested by our commercial and DIY customers.  Run your taggers with or without the LCD display.  We also offer an optional "HALO-style" LED "ammo counter" display.  Firmware updates and optional firmware are free to download.  



You will need this on your REFEREE GUN, but it's optional on the player guns (taggers).  16 x 2 LCD Module with backlight makes menu navigation easier than ever.  SPI Interface.

MAGIC Cable Kit


A set of basic cables required to connect to the MAGIC mainboard are available in the online store.  It provides the connections for BATTERY, LEDS (IR and Muzzle Flash), SENSOR, BUTTONS, and LCD.